Onsite promotional techniques

In addition to ensuring promotion on other sites to attract an audience to a site, communications plans should consider how to convert visitors to action and to encourage repeat visits, as we noted in the section on conversion marketing in Chapter 2. Online media sites will aim to deploy content to maximise the length of visits. Approaches for increasing conversion of customers include:

• relevant incentive or option, clearly explained;

• clear call-to-action using a prominent banner ad or text heading;

• position of call-to-action in a prime location on screen, e.g. top left or top right.

To achieve this a variety of devices can be used, both to increase the length of site visit, and to make users return. A measure of a site's ability to retain visitors has been referred to as 'site stickiness' since a 'sticky' site is difficult to drag oneself away from. Activity 8.1 is intended to highlight some of the methods that can be used to achieve the objective of repeat visits.

Activity 8.1

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