Online demand for business services

We now turn our attention to how we assess online customer demand and characteristics for business services. The B2B market is more complex than that for B2C in that variation in online demand or research in the buying process will occur according to different types of organisation and people within the buying unit in the organisation. We need to profile business demand according to:

Variation in organisation characteristics

• size of company (employees or turnover)

• industry sector and products

• organisation type (private, public, government, not-for-profit)

• application of service (which business activities do purchased products and services support?)

Individual role

• role and responsibility from job title, function or number of staff managed

• role in buying decision (purchasing influence)

• department

• product interest

• demographics: age, sex and possibly social group.

For generating demand estimates, we can also profile business users of the Internet in a similar way to consumers by assessing the following three factors.

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