Mini Case Study 102

There has been a great deal of academic research looking at the relationship between quality and online success in consumer markets. Wolfinbarger and Gilly (2003) used the premise that quality is related to customer satisfaction and retention in both product and service settings as a basis for their work. In doing so they established the dimensions of etailing and developed a scale for the measurement of etail quality (eTailQ). They identified four key factors, which they found to affect levels of online customer satisfaction, and these in rank order are:

1 Web site design:

(a) Easy navigation

(b) Appropriate levels of information

(c) Effective information search facility

(d) Straightforward ordering

(e) Appropriate personalisation

(f) Appropriate product selection

2 Fulfilment/reliability:

(a) Accurate display aimed at ensuring alignment between customer expectations and realisation

(b) Delivery of the right product within promised time frame

3 Customer service:

(a) Responsiveness to enquiries

(b) Helpful

(c) Willing service

(d) Immediacy of response

4 Privacy/security:

(a) Secure payment facilities

(b) Secure and private personal information.

Activity 10.2

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