Marketingled site design

Marketing-led site design

Site design elements are developed to achieve customer acquisition, retention and communication of marketing messages.

We have seen that there are many guidelines on how to approach web site design from a user or customer orientation. The marketing aims of the site should, however, always be remembered. Marketing-led site design is informed by marketing objectives and tactics. A common approach is to base the design on achieving the performance drivers of successful Internet marketing referred to in Chapter 4 and the loyalty drivers referred to at the start of this chapter. Design will be led by these performance drivers as follows:

• Customer acquisition - the online value proposition must be clear. Appropriate incentives for customer acquisition such as those described in Chapter 6 must be devised.

• Customer conversion - the site must engage first-time visitors. Call to action for customer acquisition and retention offers must be prominent with benefits clearly explained. The fulfilment of the offer or purchase must be as simple as possible to avoid attrition during this process.

• Customer retention - appropriate incentives and content for repeat visits and business must be available (see Chapter 6).

• Service quality - this has been covered in this chapter. Service quality is affected by site navigation, performance, availability and responsiveness to enquiries.

• Branding - the brand offer must be clearly explained and interaction with the brand must be possible.

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