Key concepts of electronic customer relationship management eCRM

E-CRM or electronic customer relationship management involves creating strategies and plans for how digital technology and digital data can support CRM. Some specialists in e-commerce teams have this as their job title or in their job description. But what is e-CRM? This is what Smith and Chaffey (2005) say:

What is e-CRM? Customer Relations Management with an 'e'? Ultimately, E-CRM cannot be separated from CRM, it needs to be integrated and seamlessly. However, many organisations do have specific E-CRM initiatives or staff responsible for E-CRM. Both CRM and E-CRM are not just about technology and databases, it's not just a process or a way of doing things, it requires, in fact, a complete customer culture.

More specifically, we can say that important e-CRM challenges and activities which require management are:

• Using the web site for customer development from generating leads through to conversion to an online or offline sale using e-mail and web-based information to encourage purchase;

Electronic customer relationship management

Using digital communications technologies to maximise sales to existing customers and encourage continued usage of online services.


• Managing e-mail list quality (coverage of e-mail addresses and integration of customer profile information from other databases to enable targeting);

• Applying e-mail marketing to support upsell and cross-sell;

• Data mining to improve targeting;

• Providing online personalisation or mass customisation facilities to automatically recommend the 'next-best product';

• Providing online customer service facilities (such as frequently asked questions, callback and chat support);

• Managing online service quality to ensure that first-time buyers have a great customer experience that encourages them to buy again;

• Managing the multi-channel customer experience as they use different media as part of the buying process and customer lifecycle.

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