Kelkoocom an example of revenue models for new intermediaries


To provide an example of the services provided by cybermediaries and explore their viability as businesses.

Figure 2.26, a European price comparison site


1 Visit the Kelkoo web site ( shown in Figure 2.26 and search for this book, a CD or anything else you fancy. Explain the service that is being offered to customers.

2 Write down the different revenue opportunities for this site (some may be evident from the site, but others may not); write down your ideas also.

3 Given that there are other competing sites in this intermediary category, such as Shopsmart (, assess the future of this online business using press releases and comments from other sites such as Moreover (


An intermediary business whose main source of revenue derives from capturing consumer information and developing detailed profiles of individual customers for use by third parties.

Hagel and Rayport (1997) use 'infomediary' specifically to refer to sale of customer information, although it is sometimes used more widely to refer to sites offering detailed information about any topic. Traditional infomediaries are Experian ( and Claritas ( which provide customer data for direct marketing or credit scoring. Such companies now use the web to collect additional customer information from prize draw sites such as Email Inform ( An example of an infomediary providing detailed information about a sector, in this case e-marketing topics, is E-consultancy (

A further type of intermediary is the virtual marketplace or virtual B2B trading community mentioned earlier in the chapter.

Borrowing Basics

Borrowing Basics

Some small business persons cannot understand why a lending institution refused to lend them money. Others have no trouble getting funds, but they are surprised to find strings attached to their loans.

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