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In Part 3 particular issues of the execution of an Internet marketing strategy are described, including development of a web site and ensuring a quality customer experience (Chapter 7), marketing communications to promote a site (Chapter 8) and the maintenance and evaluation of an online presence (Chapter 9). In Chapters 10 and 11, specific examples are given of how business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies are using the Internet.

Delivering the online customer experience p.30i

^ Planning web site design and build ^ Initiation of the web site project ^ Researching site users' requirements ^ Designing the user experience ^ Development and testing of content ^ Promote site ^ Service quality

Interactive marketing communications p.348

^ The characteristics of interactive marketing communications ^ Integrated Internet marketing communications

^ Objectives and measurement for interactive marketing communications ^ Offline promotion techniques ^ Online promotion techniques ^ Search engine marketing

> Online PR

^ Online partnerships ^ Interactive advertising ^ E-mail marketing ^ Viral marketing ^ On-site promotional techniques ^ Selecting the optimal communications mix

Maintaining and monitoring the online presence p.4i5

^ Performance management for Internet marketing ^ The maintenance process ^ Responsibilities in web site maintenance

Business-to-consumer Internet marketing p.45i

^ Online customers ^ E-retailing ^ Online retail activities ^ Implications for e-retail marketing strategy

Business-to-business Internet marketing p.484

> B2B e-context

^ Commercial exchanges in B2B markets ^ Trading relationships in B2B markets ^ Digital marketing strategies

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