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1 An introduction to Internet marketing 3

Learning objectives I Questions for marketers I

Links to other chapters S Introduction - how significant is the Internet for marketing? i

Marketing applications of Internet marketing B

Our changing media consumption 6

Our changing buyer behaviour 7

What is Internet marketing? B

E-marketing defined ?

Digital marketing defined 1O

E-commerce and e-business defined 11

E-business defined 11

Business or consumer model? 12

What benefits does the Internet provide for the marketer? 1i

A strategic approach to Internet marketing 1B How do Internet marketing communications differ from traditional marketing communications? 2O

A short introduction to Internet technology 26

How does the Internet work? 27

From the Internet to intranets and extranets S2 Case Study 1 eBay thrives in the global marketplace SS

Summary S7

Exercises SB

Self-assessment exercises SB

Essay and discussion questions SB

Examination questions SB

References S?

Further reading S?

Web links iO

2 The Internet micro-environment 41

Learning objectives I Questions for marketers I

Links to other chapters i1

Introduction 42

Different environment components 43

Marketplace 45

Competitive forces 46

Value creation and value chain analysis 49

New channel structures 53

Location of trading in marketplace 57

Commercial arrangement for transactions 58

Business models in e-commerce 59

Revenue models 61

Customers 61

Assessing demand for e-commerce services 62

Online demand for business services 72

Online buyer behaviour 74

Customer persona and scenario analysis 75

Multi-channel customer experiences 77

Models of online buyer behaviour 78

Competitors 85

Suppliers 86

Intermediaries 86

Case Study 2 Zopa launches a new lending model 90

Summary 92

Exercises 93

Self-assessment exercises 93

Essay and discussion questions 93

Examination questions 94

References 94

Further reading 96

Web links 96

3 The Internet macro-environment 97

Learning objectives /Questions for marketers /

Links to other chapters 97

Introduction 98

Social factors 99

Social exclusion 100

Legal and ethical issues of Internet usage 101

Privacy legislation 101

Other e-commerce legislation 113

Technological factors 116

Alternative digital technologies 120

Digital radio 129

Security 131

Economic factors 136

Globalisation 137

Political factors 138

Internet governance 139

Taxation 140

Tax jurisdiction 140 Case Study 3 Boo hoo - learning from the largest

European dot-com failure 141

Summary 144

Exercises 144

Self-assessment exercises 144

Essay and discussion questions 144

Examination questions 145

References 145

Further reading 146

Web links 147

Part 2

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Indexing and Linkbuilding

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