Internet Marketing Fundamentals

I Part 1 introduces Internet marketing in the context of the marketing concept and evaluates linkages to related concepts such as e-marketing, e-commerce and e-business. Chapters 2 and 3 provide a foundation for Internet marketing strategy development by reviewing how the online micro- and macroenvironment of an organisation can be assessed as part of situation analysis.

An introduction to Internet marketing p.3

V Introduction - how significant is the Internet for marketing?

V What is Internet marketing?

V What benefits does the Internet provide for the marketer?

V A strategic approach to Internet marketing

V How do Internet marketing communications differ from traditional marketing communications?

V A short introduction to Internet technology

The Internet micro-environment p.41

V Marketplace

V Customers

V Online buyer behaviour

V Competitors

V Suppliers

V Intermediaries

The Internet macro-environment p.97

V Social factors

V Legal and ethical issues of Internet usage

V Technological factors

V Economic factors

V Political factors

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