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Part 1 introduces Internet marketing in the context of the marketing concept and evaluates linkages to related concepts such as e-marketing, e-commerce and e-business. Chapters 2 and 3 provide a foundation for Internet marketing strategy development by reviewing how the online micro- and macroenvironment of an organisation can be assessed as part of

An introduction to Internet marketing p.3

> What is Internet marketing?

> What benefits does the Internet provide for the mark

> A strategic approach to Internet marketing

> How do Internet marketing communications differ fri marketing communications?

> A short introduction to Internet technology

The Internet micro-environment p.41

The Internet macro-environment p.97

> Legal and ethical Issues of Internet usage

> Technological Factors

> Economic factors

> Political factors

Part openers summarise the main themes with brief chapter contents.

The chapter's main topics are listed for quick and easy reference.

Chapter openers help you structure your reading.

Learning objectives enable you to focus on what you can gain from reading the chapter.

Questions for marketers will stimulate further reading and thought.

Links to other chapters help you to integrate your reading.

> Marketplace

> Customers

> Online buyei

> Competitors

> Suppliers

> Intermediar

The figure suggests that the way companies should use digital technologies for marketing their products will vary markedly according to product type. In some, such as cars and complex financial products such as mortgages, the main role of online marketing will be to support research, while for standardised products like books and CDs there will be a dual role for the web in supporting research and er

What is Internet marketing?

The use of the Internet and other digital media to support marketing has been granted a bewildering range of labels by both academics and professionals. In this section we review some of the different definitions to help explain the scope and applications of this new form of marketing. Before we start by defining these terms, complete Activity 1.1 which considers the relative popularity of these terms.

Activity 1.1

What's in a term - what do we call this 'e-thing'? ^^

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