Interactive ad formats

Interstitial ads

Ads that appear between one page and the next.


Typically an animated ad that moves around the page and is superimposed on the web site content.

As well as the classic 468 X 60 rotating GIF banner ad which is decreasing in popularity, media owners now provide a choice of larger, richer formats which web users are more likely to notice. Research has shown that message association and awareness building are much higher for flash-based ads, rich-media ads and larger-format rectangles (multipurpose units, MPUs) and skyscrapers. View the rich media ads at or and you will agree that they definitely can't be ignored.

Other online ad terms you will hear include 'interstitials' (intermediate adverts before another page appears); and the more common 'overlays' (formerly more often known as 'superstitials' or 'averts') that appear above content and of course 'pop-up windows' that are now less widely used because of their intrusion. Online advertisers face a constant battle with users who deploy pop-up blockers or less commonly ad-blocking software, but they will persist in using rich-media formats where they generate the largest response.

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