Initiatives to keep content fresh

It is often said that up-to-date content is crucial to site 'stickiness', but fresh content will not happen by accident, so companies have to consider approaches that can be used to control the quality of information. Generic approaches that we have seen which can work well are:

• Assign responsibility for particular content types of site sections;

• Make the quality of web content produced part of employee's performance appraisal;

• Produce a target schedule for publication of content;

• Identify events which trigger the publication of new content, e.g. a new product launch, price change or a press release;

• Identify stages and responsibilities in updating - who specifies, who creates, who reviews, who checks, who publishes;

• Measure the usage of content through web analytics or get feedback from site users;

• Audit and publish content to show which is up-to-date.

Case Study 9

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