Initiation of the web site project

Initiation of the web site project

This phase of the project should involve a structured review of the costs and benefits of developing a web site (or making a major revision to an existing web site). A successful outcome to initiation will be a decision to proceed with the site development phase, with an agreed budget and target completion date.

Domain name registration

The process of reserving a unique web address that can be used to refer to the company web site, in the form of www.<companyname >.com or www.<companyname >

invest. This is part of the strategic planning process described in Chapters 4 and 5. This provides a framework for the project that ensures:

(a) there is management and staff commitment to the project;

(b) objectives are clearly defined;

(c) the costs and benefits are reviewed in order that the appropriate amount of investment in the site occurs;

(d) the project will follow a structured path, with clearly identified responsibilities for different aspects such as project management, analysis, promotion and maintenance;

(e) the implementation phase will ensure that important aspects of the project such as testing and promotion are not skimped.

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