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Figure 1.13 The role of mixed-mode buying in Internet marketing

Activity 1.3

Integrating online and offline communications


To highlight differences in marketing communications introduced through the use of the Internet as a channel and the need to integrate these communications with existing channels.


List communications between a PC vendor and a home customer over the lifetime of a product such as a PC. Include communications using both the Internet and traditional media. Refer to channel-swapping alternatives in the buying decision in Figure 1.13 to develop your answer.


The removal of intermediaries such as distributors or brokers that formerly linked a company to its customers.


The creation of new intermediaries between customers and suppliers providing services such as supplier search and product evaluation.

5 Industry restructuring

Disintermediation and reintermediation are key concepts of industry restructuring that should be considered by any company developing an e-marketing strategy and are explored in more detail in Chapters 2, 4 and 5.

For the marketer defining their company's communications strategy it becomes very important to consider the company's representation on these intermediary sites by answering questions such as 'Which intermediaries should we be represented on?' and 'How do our offerings compare to those of competitors in terms of features, benefits and price?'.

6 Independence of location

Electronic media also introduce the possibility of increasing the reach of company communications to the global market. This gives opportunities to sell into international markets that may not have been previously possible. The Internet makes it possible to

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