SLVP score

Nature of customer

Segment strategy

Moderate satisfaction and loyalty. Moderate current and future potential value.

An owner of average loyalty who replaces their car every three to four years and has a tendency to repurchase from brand.

Not a key segment to influence. But should encourage to subscribe to e-newsletter club and deliver targeted messages around time of renewal.

High satisfaction, moderate loyalty. Low future and potential value.

A satisfied owner but tends to buy second-hand and keeps cars until they have a high mileage.

Engage in dialogue via e-mail newsletter and use this to encourage advocacy and make aware of benefits of buying new.

Low satisfaction and loyalty. High current and future potential value.

A dissatisfied owner of luxury cars who is at risk of switching.

A key target segment who needs to be contacted to understand issues and reassure about quality and performance.

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A Guide To Your Own Ezine

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