Benefit of e-marketing

How benefit is delivered

Typical objectives

Sell - Grow sales

Achieved through wider distribution to customers you can't readily service offline or perhaps through a wider product range than in-store, or lower prices compared to other channels

Achieve 10% of sales online in market Increase online sales for product by 20% in year

Serve - Add value

Achieved through giving customers extra benefits online or inform product development through online dialogue and feedback

Increase interaction with different content on site

Increase dwell-time duration on site by 10% (sometimes known as 'stickiness') Increasing number of customers actively using online services (at least once per month) to 30%

Speak - Get closer to customers

This is creating a two-way dialogue through web and e-mail forms and polls and conducting online market research through formal surveys and informally monitoring chat rooms to learn about them. Also speak through reaching them online through PR

Grow e-mail coverage to 50% of current customer database Survey 1000 customers online each month

Increase visitors to community site section by 5%

Save - Save costs

Achieved through online e-mail communications, sales and service transactions to reduce staff, print and postage costs

Generate 10% more sales for same communications budget

Reduce cost of direct marketing by

15% through e-mail

Increase web self-service to 40% of all service enquiries and reduce overall cost-to-serve by 10%

Sizzle - Extend the brand online

Achieved through providing a new proposition and new experience online while at the same time appearing familiar

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