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Figure 7.6 Site structure diagram (blueprint) showing layout and relationship between pages Wireframes

A related technique to blueprints is the wireframes which are used by web designers to indicate the eventual layout of a web page. Figure 7.7 shows that the wireframe is so called because it just consists of an outline of the page with the 'wires' of content separating different areas of content or navigation shown by white space.


Also known as 'schematics', a way of illustrating the layout of an individual web page.

Wodtke (2002) describes a wireframe (sometimes known as a 'schematic') as:

a basic outline of an individual page, drawn to indicate the elements of a page, their relationships, and their relative importance.

A wireframe will be created for all types of similar page groups, identified at the blueprint (site map) stage of creating the information architecture.

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