Gleisser (2001) surveyed web site designers to identify consensus on what were success factors in web site design. The results of this research are used to summarise this section:

• The home page essentials. Segmentation, targeting and positioning play a key role in informing design. The essentials are: who we are, what we offer, what is inside and how to contact us.

• Cater for the needs of anticipated users. Web sites should be quick to download and easy to navigate. The users may not be able to incorporate the latest technical capabilities, such as plug-ins, so these should be used with care.

• Update the web site frequently. This is to encourage repeat visitors and keep customers informed of new products and offers.

• Gathering customer information. The web site should be used as part of a 'push' marketing strategy which includes gathering customer information and better targeting of direct marketing using a range of media.

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