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What benefits does the Internet provide for the marketer?

At the start of this chapter we described some of the applications of Internet marketing to support communications with customers across the purchase cycle from generating awareness, achieving direct response for lead generation or sale and supporting customer service and relationship marketing. Smith and Chaffey (2005) have defined the 5 Ss of e-marketing which suggest five broad benefits or reasons for adopting e-marketing which marketers can use to set objectives for e-marketing (Table 1.1).

Different types of online presence

The relative importance of the marketing benefits of the Internet shown in Table 1.1 depend upon the type of product and its market. Chaffey (2006) identifies four main types of online presence which each have different objectives and are appropriate for different markets. Note that these are not clear-cut categories of web sites since any company may combine these types, but with a change in emphasis according to the market they serve. As you review web sites, note how organisations have different parts of the site focusing on these functions of sales transactions, services, relationship-building, brand-building and providing news and entertainment. The four main types of site are:

1 Transactional e-commerce site

These enable purchase of products online. The main business contribution of the site is through sale of these products. The sites also support the business by providing information for consumers that prefer to purchase products offline.

Visit these examples: an end-product manufacturer such as Vauxhall ( or an online retailer such as Amazon (


The use of Internet technologies to provide government services to citizens.

Table 1.1 The 5 Ss of Internet marketing

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