Figure 2.25 Comet product comparison facility (

Figure 2.25 Comet product comparison facility (

6 Consumer: post-purchase service, evaluation and feedback. Company: support product use and retain business

The Internet also provides great potential for retaining customers, as explained in Chapter 6 since:

• value-added services such as free customer support can be provided by the web site and these encourage repeat visits and provide value-added features;

• feedback on products can be provided to customers; the provision of such information will indicate to customers that the company is looking to improve its service;

• e-mail can be used to give regular updates on products and promotions and encourage customers to revisit the site;

• repeat visits to sites provide opportunities for cross-selling and repeat selling through personalised sales promotions messages based on previous purchase behaviour.

In this section we have reviewed simple models of the online buying process that can help Internet marketers convert more site visitors to lead and sale; however, in many cases, the situation is not as simple as the models. Mini Case Study 2.3 'Multi-site online car purchase behaviour' indicates the complexity of online buyer behaviour, suggesting that it is difficult to develop general models that define online buyer behaviour.

Mini Case Study 2.3

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