Figure 8.12 An example of effectiveness measures for an online ad campaign

Figure 8.12 An example of effectiveness measures for an online ad campaign

Objective setting and measurement for non-transactional sites

Often, it is only the e-retailers who have data on the full range of measures in Figure 8.12 since this is essential for proving the ROI of online marketing campaigns such as display ads or pay-per-click search. If there are no products available for sale online, such as a luxury car manufacturer or a high-value B2B service offering white paper downloads, then it is less clear how to calculate ROI.

To get the most from campaigns which don't result in sale online and optimise their effectiveness, it is essential to put a value or points score on different outcomes, for example in the case of the car manufacturer, values could be assigned to brochure requests (5 points or £20), demonstration drive requests (20 points or £100) or simply visits to the site involving reviewing product features information (1 point or £1).

Through knowing the average percentage of online brochure requests or demo drive requests that convert to sales and the average order value for customers referred from the web site, then the value of these on-site outcomes can be estimated. This is only an estimate, but it can help inform campaign optimisation, by showing which referring sites, creative or PPC keywords generate desirable outcomes.

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