Promotion technique

Main strengths

Main weaknesses

1a Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Highly targeted, relatively low cost cf PPC. High traffic volumes if effective

Intense competition, may compromise look of site. Changes to ranking algorithm

1b Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

Highly targeted with controlled cost of acquisition

Relatively costly in competitive sectors and low volume compared with SEO

1 c Trusted feed

Update readily to reflect changes in product lines and prices

Relatively costly, mainly relevant for e-retailers

2 Online PR

Relatively low cost and good targeting. Can control links-in

Setting up a large number of links can be time-consuming. Need to monitor comments on third-party sites

3a Affiliate marketing

Payment is by results (e.g. 10% of sale or leads goes to referring site)

Costs of payments to affiliate networks for set-up and management fees. Changes to ranking algorithm may affect volume from affiliates

3b Online sponsorship

Most effective if low-cost, long-term co-branding arrangement with synergistic site

May increase awareness, but does not necessarily lead directly to sales

4 Interactive advertising

Main intention to achieve visit, i.e. direct response model. Useful role in branding also

Respon se rates have declined hi s torically because of banner blindness

5 E-mail marketing

Push medium - can't be ignored in user's inbox. Can be used for direct response link to web site

Requires opt-in for effectiveness. Better for customer retention than for acquisition? Inbox cut-through - message diluted amongst other e-mails. Limits on deliverability

6 Viral marketing

With effective creative possible to reach a large number at relatively low cost

Difficult to create powerful viral concepts and control targeting. Risks damaging brand since unsolicited messages may be received

Traditional offline advertising (TV, print, etc.)

Larger reach than most online techniques. Greater creativity possible, leading to greater impact

Targeting arguably less easy than online. Typically high cost of acquisition

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