Type of information

Approach and technology used to capture and use information

Contact information

Collected through online forms in response to an incentive for the customer. Stored in databases linking to web site. Cookies are used to remember a specific person on subsequent visits.

Profile information

Also collected through online forms. Cookies can be used to assign a person to a particular segment by linking the cookie to a customer database record and then offering content consistent with their segment.

Behavioural information on a single site

Purchase histories are stored in the sales order database.

Web logs are used to store clickstreams of the sequence of web pages visited. A single pixel GIF is used to assess whether a reader had opened an e-mail. Cookies are also used for monitoring visitor behaviour during a site visit and on subsequent visits.

Behavioural information across multiple sites

Web logs can tell the previous site visited by a customer. Banner advertising networks (Chapter 8) and ISPs can potentially assess all sites visited.

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