Loyalty variable

Web site feature


Personally, tailored product ranges, for example lists of regular grocery purchases, favourite products, brands, etc.

Contact interactivity

Two-way communications that demonstrate the dynamic nature of the online buyer/supplier customer relationship.


E-mail offers relating to past purchases, informing customers when there is a discount sale on items similar to their previous purchases.


Real-time stock out information/order tracking. Shoppers are looking for evidence that the retailer has paid attention to detail throughout the purchasing process.


Product reviews from satisfied customers. Include a facility allowing and encouraging exchange of opinions amongst shoppers.


Online shoppers expect greater choice online. Therefore, retailer needs to offer either wide or deep (or both) product and/or service choice.


Easy access to required information and simple transaction interface. Over-designed and cognitively complex sites tend to lose visitors before they make a purchase.


Symbols, graphics, style, colours, themes can be used to reinforce brand image and convey brand personality.

Source: Based on Srinivasan et al., 2002

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