1 Exposure

Content must be present for long enough to be processed

Content on banner ads may not be on screen long enough for processing and cognition

2 Attention

User s eyes will be drawn towards headings and content, not graphics and moving items on a web page (Nielsen, 2000b)

Emphasis and accurate labelling of headings is vital to gain a user's attention. Evidence suggests that users do not notice banner adverts, suffering from 'banner blindness'

3 Comprehension and perception

The user's interpretation of content

Designs that use common standards and metaphors and are kept simple will be more readily comprehended

4 Yielding and acceptance

Is information (copy) presented accepted by customers?

Copy should refer to credible sources and present counter-arguments as necessary

5 Retention

As for traditional advertising, this describes the extent to which the information is remembered

An unusual style or high degree of interaction leading to flow and user satisfaction is more likely to be recalled

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