Hierarchy of response models

An alternative view of consumer behaviour in using the Internet during the buying process relates to the well-documented 'hierarchy of response model', summarised for example by Kotler et al. (2001), as made up of the following stages:

Breitenbach and van Doren (1998) also suggest that audience members of an individual web site tend to pass through these stages.

Figure 2.23 indicates how the Internet can be used to support the different stages in the buying process. The boxes on the left show the typical stages that a new prospect passes through, according to, for example, Robinson et al. (1967). A similar analysis was performed by Berthon et al. (1998), who speculated that the relative communications effectiveness of using a web site in this process gradually increased from 1 to 6.

Stage in buying process

Communications objectives

Internet marketing techniques

1. Unaware

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