Further reading

Allen, E. and Fjermestad, J. (2001) E-commerce marketing strategies: a framework and case analysis, Logistics Information Management, 14(1/2), 14-23. Includes an analysis of how the 4 Ps are impacted by the Internet.

Baker, W., Marn, M. and Zawada, C. (2000) Price smarter on the Net, Harvard Business Review, February, 2-7. This gives a clear summary of the challenges and opportunities of Internet pricing.

Ghosh, S. (1998) Making business sense of the Internet, Harvard Business Review, March-April, 127-35. This paper gives many examples of how US companies have adapted their products to the Internet and asks key questions that should govern the strategy adopted.

Harridge-March, S. (2004) Electronic marketing, the new kid on the block. Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 22(3), 297-309. Like the Allen and Fjermestad (2001) paper, this gives a review of the impact of the Internet on different aspects of the marketing mix.

Kumar, N. (1999) Internet distribution strategies: dilemmas for the incumbent, Financial Times, Special Issue on Mastering Information Management, no. 7. Electronic Commerce (www.ftmastering.com). This article assesses the impact of the Internet on manufacturers and their distribution channels. The other articles in this special issue are also interesting.

Smith, P.R. and Chaffey, D. (2005) E-Marketing Excellence: at the Heart of EBusiness, 2nd edn. Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford. Chapter 2 is devoted to applying the marketing mix to Internet marketing.

• Chris Anderson has a blog site (www.thelongtail.com), the Long Tail, to support his book on the topic published in 2006 by Hyperion, New York.

• ClickZ (www.clickz.com). An excellent collection of articles on online marketing communications, US-focused. Relevant section for this chapter: Brand marketing.

• Gladwell.com (www.gladwell.com). Author's site with extracts from The Tipping Point and other books.

• Marketing on the internet (MOTI) by Greg Rich and colleagues from OhioLink educational establishments (http://iws.ohiolink.edu/moti/). This site provides a succinct summary, with examples, of how each of the 4 Ps of the Internet can be applied online.

• Paul Marsden's Viral Culture site (www.viralculture.com). Articles related to the tipping point and connected marketing.

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