Further reading

Berthon, P., Pitt, L. and Watson, R. (1998) The World Wide Web as an industrial marketing communication tool: models for the identification and assessment of opportunities, Journal of Marketing Management, 14, 691-704. This is a key paper assessing how to measure how the Internet supports purchasers through the different stages of the buying decision.

Friedman, L. and Furey, T. (1999) The Channel Advantage. Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford. Chapter 12 is on managing channel performance.

Sterne, J. (2001) World Wide Web Marketing, 3rd edn. Wiley, New York. Chapter 11 is entitled 'Measuring your success'. It mainly reviews the strengths and weaknesses of online methods.

• ABCe (www.abce.org.uk). Audited Bureau of Circulation is standard for magazines in the UK. This is the electronic auditing part. Useful for definitions and examples of traffic for UK organisations.

• E-consultancy (www.e-consultancy.com) site has a section on web analytics including buyers' guides to the tools available.

• E-metrics (www.emetrics.org). Jim Sterne's site has many resources for online marketing metrics.

• Web Analytics Association (WAA, www.webanalyticsassociation.org). The site of the trade association for web analytics has useful definitions, articles and forums on this topic.

• Web Analytics Demystified (www.webanalyticsdemystified.com). A site to support Eric Petersen's books with a range of content.

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