Further reading

Brassington, F. and Petitt, S. (2000) Principles of Marketing, 2nd edn. Financial Times/Prentice Hall, Harlow. See companion Prentice Hall web site (www.booksites.net/brassington2). Chapters 10 and 11 describe pricing issues in much more detail than that given in this chapter. Chapters 20, Strategic management, and 21, Marketing planning, management and control, describe the integration of marketing strategy with business strategy.

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Ghosh, S. (1998) Making business sense of the Internet, Harvard Business Review, March-April, 127-35. This paper gives many examples of how US companies have adapted to the Internet and asks key questions that should govern the strategy adopted. It is an excellent introduction to strategic approaches.

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• BRINT.com (www.brint.com). A Business Researcher's Interests. Extensive portal with articles on e-business, e-commerce and knowledge management.

• CIO Magazine E-commerce resource centre (www.cio.com/forums/ec). One of the best online magazines from business technical perspective - see other research centres also, e.g. intranets, knowledge management.

• DaveChaffey.com (www.davechaffey.com). Updates about all aspects of digital marketing including strategy.

• E-commerce innovation centre (www.ecommerce.ac.uk) at Cardiff University. Interesting case studies for SMEs and basic explanations of concepts and terms.

• E-commerce Times (www.ecommercetimes.com). An online newspaper specific to e-commerce developments.

• E-consultancy.com (www.e-consultancy.com). A good compilation of reports and white papers many of which are strategy-related.

• Financial Times Digital Business (http://news.ft.com/reports/digitalbusiness). Excellent monthly articles based on case studies.

• Mohansawney.com (www.mohansawney.com). Case studies and white papers from one of the leading IS authorities on e-commerce.

• US center for e-business (www.ebusiness.mit.edu). Useful collection of articles.

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