Further reading

Dyson, E. (1998) Release 2.1. A Design for Living in the Digital Age. Penguin, London. Chapters 5 Governance, 8 Privacy, 9 Anonymity and 10 Security are of particular relevance.

Garfinkel, S. (2000) Database Nation. O'Reilly, Sebastopol, CA. This book is subtitled 'the death of privacy in the 21st century' and this is the issue on which it focuses (includes Internet- and non-Internet-related privacy).

Slevin, J. (2000) The Internet and Society. Polity Press, Cambridge. A book about the Internet that combines social theory, communications analysis and case studies from both academic and applied perspectives.

Zugelder, M., Flaherty, T. and Johnson, J. (2000) Legal issues associated with international Internet marketing, International Marketing Review, 17(3), 253-71. Gives a detailed review of legal issues associated with Internet marketing including consumer rights, defamation and disparagement, intellectual property protection, and jurisdiction.

• Mobile Commerce World (www.mobilecommerceworld.com). Source on usage of m-commerce.

• MORI Technology Tracker (www.mori.com/technology/techtracker.shtml). Provides a summary of access to new media platforms.

• New Media Age (www.newmediazero.com/nma). A weekly magazine reporting on the UK new media interest. Content now available online.

• New Television Strategies (www.newmediazero.com/ntvs). Sister publication to New Media Age.

• Revolution magazine (www.revolutionmagazine.com). A weekly magazine available for the UK, covering a range of new media platforms.

New law development

Two of the best legal sources to stay up-to-date are:

• iCompli (www.icompli.co.uk). Portal and e-newsletter concentrating on e-commerce law.

• Marketing Law (www.marketinglaw.co.uk). Up-to-date source on all forms of law related to marketing activities.

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