Extend traditional brand variant

Some companies decide to create a slightly different version of their brand when they create their web site. An early version of the DHL couriers site (www.dhl.co.uk) was based on an online brand 'Red Planet' which was part of a spaceship concept. Through using this approach, the company was able to differentiate itself from similar competing services and this can be used in online and offline promotion to distinguish the site from its rivals. BA used a similar approach with its 2005 'Have You Clicked Yet?' campaign, which sought to showcase arranging a flight and checking in online. The use of an online brand variant helps raise the profile of the web site and helps the customer think of the site in association with the company. Aaker and Joachimsthaler (2000) suggest that when a brand variant is created there may still be problems with recognition and also brand trust and quality associations may be damaged.

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