Examination questions

1 Contrast electronic commerce to electronic business.

2 Internet technology is used by companies in three main contexts. Distinguish between the following types and explain their significance to marketers.

(a) intranet

(b) extranet

3 An Internet marketing manager must seek to control and accommodate all the main methods by which consumers may visit a company web site. Describe these methods.

4 Imagine you are explaining the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet to a marketing manager. How would you explain these two terms?

5 What is the relevance of 'conversion marketing' to the Internet?

6 Explain how the Internet can be used to increase market penetration in existing markets and develop new markets.


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Further reading

Deighton, J. (1996) The future of interactive marketing, Harvard Business Review, November-December, 151-62. One of the earliest articles to elucidate the significance of the lnternet for marketers. Readable.

Hoffman, D.L. and Novak, T.P. (1997) A new marketing paradigm for electronic commerce, The Information Society, Special issue on electronic commerce, 13 (Jan.-Mar.), 43-54. This was the seminal paper on lnternet marketing when it was published, and is still essential reading for its discussion of concepts. Available online at Vanderbilt University (http://ecommerce.vanderbilt.edu/papers.html).

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