Examination questions

1 When evaluating the business benefits of a web site, which factors are likely to be common to most companies?

2 Use Porter's five forces model to discuss the competitive threats presented to a company by other web sites.

3 Which factors will affect whether the Internet has primarily a complementary effect or a replacement effect on a company?

4 Describe different stages in the sophistication of development of a web site, giving examples of the services provided at each stage.

5 Briefly explain the purpose and activities involved in an external audit conducted as part of the development of an Internet marketing strategy.

6 What is the importance of measurement within the Internet marketing process?

7 Which factors would a retail company consider when assessing the suitability of its product for Internet sales?

8 Explain what is meant by the online value proposition, and give two examples of the value proposition for web sites with which you are familiar.

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