Examination questions

1 Give three examples of online promotion and briefly explain how they function.

2 Describe four different types of site on which online banner advertising for a car manufacturer's site could be placed.

3 Clickthrough is one measure of the effectiveness of banner advertising. Answer the following:

(a) What is clickthrough?

(b) Which factors are important in determining the clickthrough rate of a banner advertisement?

(c) Is clickthrough a good measure of the effectiveness of banner advertising?

4 What is meant by co-branding? Explain the significance of co-branding.

5 What are 'meta-tags'? How important are they in ensuring a web site is listed in a search engine?

6 Name three ways in which e-mail can be used for promotion of a particular web site page containing a special offer.

7 Give an example of an online loyalty scheme and briefly evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.

8 Which techniques can be used to promote a web site in offline media?

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