Examination questions

1 Why are standards necessary to control the process of updating a web site? Give three examples of different aspects of a web site that need to be controlled.

2 Explain the following terms concerning measurement of web site effectiveness:

(b) page impressions;

(c) referring pages.

3 Measurement of web sites concerns the recording of key events involving customers using a web site. Briefly explain five different types of event.

4 Describe and briefly explain the purpose of the different stages involved in updating an existing document on a commercial web site.

5 Distinguish between a test environment and a live environment for a web site. What is the reason for having two environments?

6 Give three reasons explaining why a web site may have to integrate with existing marketing information systems and databases within a company.

7 You have been appointed as manager of a web site and have been asked to develop a metrics programme. Briefly explain the steps you would take to develop this programme.

8 If a customer can be persuaded to register his or her name and e-mail address with a web site, how can this information be used for site measurement purposes?

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