Essay and discussion questions

1 'Corporate standards for a web site's format and update process are likely to stifle the creative development of a site and reduce its value to customers.' Discuss.

2 'There is little value in the collection of online metrics recorded in a web server log file. For measurement programmes to be of value, measures based on marketing outcomes are more valuable.' Discuss.

3 You have been appointed as manager of a web site for a car manufacturer and have been asked to refine the existing metrics programme. Explain, in detail, the steps you would take to develop this programme.

4 The first version of a web site for a financial services company has been live for a year. Originally it was developed by a team of two people, and was effectively 'brochureware'. The second version of the site is intended to contain more detailed information, and will involve contributions from 10 different product areas. You have been asked to define a procedure for controlling updates to the site. Write a document detailing the update procedure, which also explains the reasons for each control.

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