Eretailing the virtual channel

This section looks at how the Internet is being used as a channel to market, examining the activities retailers are engaging with online with customers. Retail channel is a term introduced by Doherty et al. (1999) to describe companies' multi-purpose adoption of the Internet, using it as both a communication and transactional channel concurrently in business-to-consumer markets. Traditionally the term channel describes the flow of a product from source to end-user. This definition implies a passive unidirectional system whereby the manufacturer or producer markets through a wholesaler or retailer to the consumer. Recent developments in information technology are changing this orientation by enabling retailers to focus their marketing efforts on managing customers more effectively (Mulhern, 1997). Therefore, the Internet brings the customer even closer to the retailers via a new combined marketing and distribution channel, in effect an interactive retail channel. This move may also suggest a shift towards a bidirectional retailer-consumer relationship, in which more power accrues to the customer (Hagel and Armstrong, 1997). As a result of the technological capacity e-retailers are becoming increasingly creative with how they are using the Internet and associated digital technologies to serve the needs of their online customers.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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