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A useful framework for reviewing an organisation's capabilities to implement Internet marketing strategy is shown in Table 4.5 applied to Internet marketing. This 7S framework was developed by McKinsey consultants in the 1980s and summarised by Waterman et al. (1980).

Which are the main challenges in implementing strategy? E-consultancy (2005) surveyed UK e-commerce managers to assess their views on the main challenges of managing e-commerce within an organisation. Their responses are summarised in Figure 4.22. In the context of the 7Ss, we can summarise the main challenges as follows:

• Strategy - limited capabilities to integrate into Internet strategy within core marketing and business strategy as discussed earlier in this chapter is indicated by frustration on gaining appropriate budgets;

• Structure - structural and process issues are indicated by the challenges of gaining resource and buy-in from traditional marketing and IT functions;

• Skills and staff - these issues were indicated by difficulties in finding specialist staff or agencies.

Table 4.5 The 7S strategic framework and its application to digital marketing management

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