Conversion marketing objectives

Although traffic-building objectives and measures of effectiveness are often referred to in terms of traffic quantity, such as the number of visitors or page impressions, it is the traffic quality that really indicates the success of interactive marketing communications (e.g. van Doren et al., 2000; Smith and Chaffey, 2005). Traffic quality is determined by:

• whether the visitors are within the target audience for the web site;

• whether the visitors convert to on-site outcomes in line with the communications objectives.

Internet marketing objectives can also be stated in terms of conversion marketing. This technique of objective setting uses a bottom-up approach to objective setting as shown in Figure 8.10. Take, for example, the objectives of a campaign for a B2B services company such as a consultancy company, where the ultimate objective is to achieve 1000 new clients using the web site in combination with traditional media to convert leads to action. To achieve this level of new business, the marketer will need to make assumptions about the level of conversion that is needed at each stage of converting prospects to customers. This gives a core objective of 1000 new clients and different critical success factors based on the different conversion rates.

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