• ClickZ Experts ( An excellent collection of articles on online marketing communications. US-focused.

• ClickZ Stats ( The definitive source of news on Internet developments, and reports on company and consumer adoption of Internet and characteristics in Europe and worldwide. A searchable digest of most analyst reports.

• ( A blog containing updates and articles on all aspects of digital marketing structured according to the chapters in Dave Chaffey's books.

• Direct Marketing Association UK ( Source of up-to-date data protection advice and how-to guides about online direct marketing.

• ( UK-focused portal with extensive supplier directory, best-practice white papers and forum.

• eMarketer ( Includes reports on media spend based on compilations of other analysts. Fee-based service.

• Interactive Advertising Bureau ( Best practice on interactive advertising. See also

• Marketing Sherpa ( Case studies and news about online marketing.

• Netimperative ( News from the UK new media industry.

Print media

• New Media Age ( A weekly magazine reporting on the UK new media interest. Full content available online.

• Revolution magazine ( A monthly magazine on UK new media applications and approaches. Partial content available online.

• Sloan Center for Internet Retailing ( Originally founded in 1994 as Project 2000 by Tom Novak and Donna Hoffman at School of Management, Vanderbilt University, to study marketing implications of the Internet. Useful links papers.

• University of Strathclyde, Department of Marketing, Marketing Resource Gateway (MRG) ( A comprehensive directory of marketing-related links.

Web links

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