Assessing new technology options


To illustrate the process for reviewing the relevance of new technology options.

Digital radio

All types of radio broadcast as a digital signal,

Digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio

Digital radio with clear sound quality with the facility to transmit text, images and video,

Web radio

Or 'Internet radio' is when existing broadcasts are streamed via the Internet and listened to using plug-ins such as Real Media or Windows Media Player,


You work for an FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brand and are attending an industry trade show where you see a presentation about the next-generation (3G) mobile phones which are due to launch in your country in one year's time. You need to decide whether your organisation adopts the new phone and if so when. Complete the following:

1 How would you assess the significance of this new technology?

2 Summarise the proposition of the new access devices for both consumers and your organisation.

3 What recommendations would you make about when to adopt and which services to offer?

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