And we started from a parttime hobby farm selling in our front yard

Financially, my husband and I were struggling.

We didn't have a reliable, steady income, so I started looking for ways to grow our business, and that's when I found the Insider Secrets course.

Today, you can find our website on page 1 of most major search engines. (We're ranked #2 in Google for "adirondack chairs" out of over 2 million websites.)

And every summer for the last three years, we've ended up 9 weeks backordered for our products and we've had to shut down all our advertising completely!

I associate much of our success with the Insiders Secrets course, which gave me so much information that I have only implemented a small portion of the great ideas in those two huge binders...

We have come a long way from a part time hobby farm in the country, selling in our front yard, to a full-fledged manufacturing plant that sells globally.

We expect to exceed a million in sales this year -- which is a long way from our original $34,000 per year when we started just 6 years ago.

For the first time in my life I am able to travel and see the things I only dreamed of before -- and the best part of it all is that I can spend an entire day hiking across mountain tops or sailing across the ocean while back home the sales are still coming in without a salesman in sight. What a life!

The Internet Marketing Center is the cornerstone of my online marketing! Thank you! Karan Kinder

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