■ Remain aggressive, enterprise wide adopters and integrators of technology.

In the future the best web marketers will enable live, interactive online communication between customers and real people internationally. The Web creates a new space for creative entrepreneurs to operate within, and for some this involves linking people's interests to a service via the Web. For instance in April 2000 the Wine-Ark opened in Sydney, Australia (Sydney Morning Herald, 2000). This company brings together the Internet at one end and temperature controlled bricks and mortar at the other end. The company has storage space in the vaults of an old bank building which is now owned by a self-storage company. The cellar is kept at a constant 14°C and 70% relative humidity. Wine-ark provides its customers with an online cellar management service which provides clients with 24 h access to their wine portfolios and a range of related information. Wine storage is charged on a monthly per-case basis and membership also involves invitations to 12 wine tastings per year. It is easy to see how this simple idea could be internationalized, perhaps through franchising, thus creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs globally.


The purpose of the far reaching discussion on globalization was to take some of the academic issues discussed in Chapter 2 and put them In a broader context. Marketing is a social process. It can be a tool for good or bad depending on how it is used. It cannot be divorced from the social context of production and consumption which it facilitates. As yet there has not been enough debate within marketing on the ethical and moral issues which it raises. This must change. In the global context the superbrands bring into focus a number of issues about how we as consumers choose to live and how to spend our money. The later is potentially a key influence over the super-brands.

Globalization sounds like it is involved in the creation of a level playing field, but this is far from the reality. The rich countries generate the foreign direct investment, but they are also the prime recipients of it. Africa has seen little of the available capital for foreign investment in comparison to Asia. The triad countries, as Kenichi Ohmae (1985) once called them, (EU, NAFTA and Japan) dominate the playing field and will do for the foreseeable future.

The Internet too is a force in favour of the level playing field. The crisis In confidence affecting Internet stock in 2000 should not be taken too seriously from a business perspective. New technologies have, throughout history, seen similar heady heights and dizzy falls, be it the Tulipomania crisis in 1637 or the South Sea Bubble in the 1720s. More recently the shares of electricity companies peaked in 1900, car stocks in 1925, radio in 1929 and airlines in 1945. The financial market has a short memory, and indices which dump perfectly profitable stocks for new, untried ones should be regarded as indicative of very little. Many dotcom companies will fail, but many will succeed. There is an enormous change taking place in the world economy, which will profoundly affect the opportunities for companies to reach and serve a truly global market. This change is not taking place evenly as yet but there will come a time when it will be in the interests of the have to include the have not. This may sound like a dream, perhaps one just like all the rest in a historical context, but maybe, just maybe, this time.

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