Endix I Case studies

The case studies in this section are designed to bring to life some of the topics discussed in this book. Case studies help the student to understand the intricacies of particular business situations. They take you from the pure classroom setting to the point of applying your knowledge and understanding within a practical situation. The cases may involve coming to an agreed decision, setting out a plan of action or resolving conflict. There is not always one correct answer but any recommendations should be consistent with the scenario and be able to be justified. In another way the cases can be used to apply, critique and develop theory in relation to the ambiguity and complexity outlined in the case. In this situation the critical thinking skills of the students are developed and links to broader theoretical issues can be explored. In short this is as close as you can get to the international marketing 'coal face' without leaving the classroom.

It is not possible to cover all the issues raised in the text within the seven cases presented here. Consequently, the cases focus on some of the classic international marketing issues, including, market entry strategies and the internationalisation process (British Medical Group, Moy Park), and the management of the process, for example, via distributors (Tyrone).

It is important to understand some of the subtleties of operating within international markets. Thus, the Cormey case goes beyond the basic 'how to do international marketing' and begins to introduce die complexities of interpersonal communication ameliorated through cultural and geographical distance.

Culture is not only relevant in terms of the domestic and international market but also in terms of the internal culture of the company. Thus, how does a company with an established mode of operation adapt itself to the new markets which it enters; or does it have to alter anything? The Wal-Mart case, with its overtly American culture, illustrates this in terms of its market entry into Germany and the UK,

The cases focusing on strategic alliances (Skánemejerier, SIA Glass) also highlight the complexities created by trying to compete internationally in some markets while cooperating in others. This delicate balancing act can be difficult to sustain as the cases illustrate. However, they do take us a step closer to the reality of international markets.

All of the cases presented have questions for discussion and a few have suggestions for further reading. Cases lend themselves to different interpretations with each reader potentially taking a unique perspective and gaining different insights. The discussion created from such multiple readings is the raw energy to drive the classroom debate. By using these cases wisely you will learn much from trying to see the world through someone else's eyes. All this within the safety of the classroom where being unable to justify your position does not affect your financial returns; one day it might.

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