Delivering customer values

In this chapter we shall look at the delivery of values from a marketing perspective. The focus here will be on those activities and systems which the marketer can activate to add value to the basic product or service being offered.

Thus, in Chapter 7 we talked about the creation of values which are inherent in the physical product or service, as well as the service features which are part of the offering, for example, delivery, installation, financing. In addition to this are the expected psychological benefits to be gained from possession and use of the product. Delivering values is really about the system and people elements of the business, which are essential to the delivery of these customer values. By focusing on such elements it is believed, from a marketing perspective, that value to the customer will be greatly increased.

Under the framework of understand, create, communicate and deliver which we have been using, each stage of the marketing cycle builds on and extends the previous one. So, delivering customer related values is the accumulation of all previous activities. In some of the literature this has been referred to as customer value management (CVM) namely, competing and differentiating a business by delivering ideal, c us tomer-defi ned value at each interaction with its targeted customers (Thomson, 1998).

This sounds great but how is it actually achieved? In this chapter and the previous one we explore the framework of understand, create, communicate and deliver, but what are the practicalities which lie behind delivering value and how can it be managed? In this section we shall look at the implementation of such a framework, with examples of how companies have adopted such an approach as their business strategy.

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