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Below are 11 types of market research, each followed by 4 statements. Two of the four statements are true, and two are false. Mark the statements T (True) or F {False), ff§! agency research a) F It compares one agency with another.

b) T It is carried out by independent agencies, usually experts in particular fields.

c) T It is the opposite of in-house research, d) F it is research work for governments.

life clinical trial a) __It is research carried out by clinical agencies.

b) ____ It is research into the cffects of drugs or treatment methods.

c) _____ Pharmaceutical companies carry out clinical trials.

d) ____ It is a test to find out if a finished product works.

||f§ desk research a) ___ It is research carried out using published material.

b) _____ It can include information about geography, politics, economics and social conditions.

c) ____ It involves going out to ask consumers for their opinions.

d )_ It is the study of research results using computer analysis.

4: distribution research a )__ It is the system of sending research material to different consumers.

b )___ It is about sending out information to various research companies.

c )__ It is research into the ways products or services are distributed.

d )___ It is important when making decisions about where to locate retail outlets or where agents are needed.

SI exploratory research a )__It is about choosing the best research methods.

b) __ It is designed to help marketers understand problems.

c) _._ An example of it is a detailed study of why a particular product is losing sales.

lllfS marketing communications research a)___ It is the investigation of ways to talk to consumers and the public in general.

b )___It is a kind of marketing research.

c) _____It is about the telecommunications sector.

d )___ It looks only at the results of communication-methods.

marketing research a )_ It is the same as market research.

b )__It is about looking at the effects of advertising.

c) __ It includes market research.

d )___It is about collecting, studying and analysing information which affects marketing decisions.

{gPlf omnibus survey a) __ It is research carried out on behalf of several companies together.

b )___It is research on the performance of many different products.

c) ___ Omnibus surveys look at several companies and compare their performance.

d) ___ It is a survey which companies can buy from the government.

ill pricing research a) ____It examines the relationship between price and demand.

c) ___ It is very important, since price is a key element in determining market share.

d )___ It is about profit and loss accounts.

it® primary research a) ___ It is the first research that companies do.

b )____ It is the most important research into a product and its market.

c) __ It is original research carried out by a company.

d) ___ It is contrasted with secondary research, which uses published information that is easily available.

|jf§f product research a) ____It looks at the market acceptance of a product.

b) ____It involves the design and concept of a product, then testing of the product, then market acceptance of the product.

c )___It is about competitors' products.

d) ___It is principally the same as quality testing.

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