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Choose the correct alternative for each sentence. In one "case, both/all of the alternatives are possible.

1:7 direct mailing / mail order / postal advertising

Sending product or service information by post to specific individuals or companies is called direci mailing .

personal selling / direct selling

A selling technique based on making a personal call to an individual or company is called _______________.

^ an in-store promotion / a special offer

A promotion based on advertising in the actual shop is f§j§ point-of-sale advertising / on-pack promotion

A promotion method that involves the packaging of a product, such as including a free sample or coupons, is called

';5',r sponsorship / perimeter advertising

Advertising around the playing area at sports grounds is called

= bargain selling / BOGOF

A promotion method for fast moving consumer goods which involves buying one and getting one free is called online advertising / advertising on the web / Internet advertising Promoting your activities or your company and its products or services on the Internet is called_______________________________■

f|Jt cold calling/door-to-door selling

Telephoning direct to homes or businesses to try to interest people in your products or services is called

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Destroying Adwords

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