The marketing mix

Peter Bowen of Citirnetal Inc. is talking to Anna James, a marketing consultant. Complete Anna's part of the conversation. Choose from the following:

fiJi And then the fourth area is physical evidence.

¡11 It covers both goods and services offered by the company.

¡¡¡I Exactly - and the desire to buy the product. And, finally people, which means colleagues, employees, agents and customers. The idea is to keep everyone happy, make personal contact.

Ill Yes. This means any visual presence or signs suggesting the company.

ill The second area is place - also called distribution - meaning the movement of goods from the producer to the consumer.

Ill Well, we identified six areas where improvement is necessary

Hi After place, process. Process is the interaction between people and systems at all stages, from market research, design, production, delivery and after-sales.

Peter: So, what have you got to report?

Peter: Really? What are they? Anna: _

Peter: And what exactly does that term cover?

Peter: And after place, what's next? Anna: _

Peter: Yes, I understand - co-ordination of systems.

Peter: Physical evidence? Anna: _

Peter: Everything visual. Right, 1 follow you. And what's the next area?

Peter: So, that's creating consumer awareness and establishing the brand identity?

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