Products services and service

Change each word in bold type to a related word which fills the gap in the sentence correctly.

1 We sell a very large range of goods, including fast moving consumer goods such as canned foods, cleaning materials and cassettes.

2 Of course, we also sell J_goods like milk, cheese and meat, which need to be sold within a short time.

3 It is not only food_which have a very short shelf life. Fashion items quickly become out of date.

consume perish produce

For larger consumer

, like music systems and TVs, we provide an after-sales service. duration

An important aspect of marketing goods like computers is possible__value, such as free software,

Internet access and technical support.

_is to sell products.

industry is one that offers specialist

The business of a _

expertise or advice. Lawyers, marketers, translators and financial consultants all do this.

If you are not completely satisfied with any product

_in this store, you may return it and receive a complete refund or exchange it for a different item.

add retail serve purchaser

gives one person or company the right to make a particular product for a period of time. The inventor may sell or lease it to a manufacturer. patented

A product which was expensive to develop, manufacture and launch, and which does not have the sales that the manufacturer expected can be described as a ___ . flopped tfXÍSi

Success and failure

Fill each gap in the sentences with the correct word from the box.

away back by into -&#- on on to itfl Perishable goods go _ off in a short time.

If dairy products are not sold_the sell-by date, they cannot be offered for sale.

'Ml: Unsold perishable goods usually have to be thrown_.

3$fe If a safety fault is discovered in a product, the manufacturer may ask customers to bring_all examples of the product.

IB Thousand of new products are put ______ the market every day but only a few are successful.

Success or failure depends_many factors, but the most important is the quality of the marketing.

| Customers with a strong sense of brand loyalty are rarely prepared to switch __a competitor.

§j|f Powerful advertising may help a new product to eat_

the market share of rival brands.

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