Marketing planning

Fill each gap in the sentences below with a word or phrase from the box.

accountability competition economics of scale economies of scope external audit marketing audit marketing planning marketing research public sector service

1 Increasing production by 25% does not increase costs by much, because we are able to take advantage of economies of scale .

2 A complete _________ will demonstrate all aspects of our performance in terms of meeting our marketing objectives.

.3 __________ is essential to prepare clear objectives and a strategy for reaching our objectives.

4: The________________examines factors which are not under the company's control.

By having documentation which can be used in various markets we are able to take advantage of ______.

¿5!;: We are conducting___.___to try to improve all aspects of our company performance.

We know that marketing planning has a long history in the private sector and in manufacturing. Recently there has been a new emphasis on planning in the_and in all kinds of____industries.

8: Public sector marketing has had to respond to increased

_________and the need for ___in all areas of service provision.

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